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good food in a bad economy
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March 2010
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KBR [userpic]
Sure is quiet in here...

It's not the most photogenic food, but...

corn + potato chowder

Corn and potato chowder

Mince one medium onion. Saute in two tablespoons butter until onion is soft. Peel and grate one medium potato. Add about 2 cups broth, enough to cover the potato and onion. Simmer potato and onion until both are cooked through. Meanwhile, dice two more peeled potatoes and a couple stalks of celery. Thaw and rinse one 10 oz. box of frozen yellow corn. Once the potato/onion mixture is soft, puree with a stick (or regular) blender. (This makes the soup creamier without adding actual cream, which I never have on hand.) Add the remaining vegetables, 2-3 cups of milk, a couple bay leaves and a big pinch of nutmeg. Simmer uncovered for about 30 minutes, stirring frequently to be sure the milk doesn't scald to the bottom of the pan. Salt to taste. Serve as is, or with a little grated cheese.

Variations (none of which I had on hand):
Creamier... add some cream, half & half, or even a chunk of cream cheese to the milk.
Thai-ish... coconut milk + water instead of milk plus a Thai chile, some lime juice, maybe some chopped peanuts on top.
Meatier... start with a couple pieces of bacon or ham, scoop it out once the fat is rendered, saute the onion in that, then re-add the meat with the vegetables later.

For more on how this recipe came about, you can visit my food blog.


Oh wow, that looks fantastic. How well does it freeze/thaw?

I'll have to try and make that for Thanksgiving 2.0.

Between the potato and milk, I'm guessing it would not freeze very well — they both tend to separate in the freezing process. You could maybe make and freeze the base of it (the shredded potatoes + onion + broth) then just reblend it and add the rest of the veg?